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About me


I create colorful works of art that make people happy! 

Using a process known as collage, I gather paper that is particular to the subject or location I am honoring — such as maps, newspaper articles, sheet music, old receipts, bus schedules, and more.  I then paint and print layers of color and pattern on top of those pages, and finally glue them down like mosaic pieces them to create vibrant pieces of art that have depth and meaning.

My work has been featured in several shows and has won a few awards. I am a member of the Southwestern Artists Association which has a studio (#23) in Spanish Village Art Center, and am also a partner in Studio 18 in Spanish Village.

Hello! This is from my happy place in Studio 18, Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Henna party! (Plus glitter)


I add fun and sparkle to any event with hand-drawn henna and glitter designs!

I have been a professional henna artist since 1998, and have had amazing experiences doing henna for private, corporate, and county library events. I used to have a brick-and-mortar (more like a rolling cart) location in Seaport Village, but nowadays I travel wherever henna is needed.

In addition to natural henna, I also do hand-drawn glitter tattoos that last 3-5 days or can be removed with rubbing alcohol.